Investigation & Testing

We can undertake both non-destructive and destructive site investigation of existing buildings to provide the client or engineer detailed information of the integrity of the structure to allow further design work to be done. We provide clear and detailed sketches to accompany the site investigative works.

The information provided is usually appended to the engineers’ reports as the detail is so clear!


Older buildings with no or little structural details – where the plans are not available and there are no references to layout and structural integrity. By scanning first, Seitech can save you thousands of dollars before you cut, core or drill, demolish or redesign.

  1. we scan – to detect the location of reinforcing

IMG_0647IMG_006Concrete scanning is non-destructive, timely, safe, and a highly efficient method of subsurface inspection. Seitech will determine the location of rebar, conduit, mesh, post tension cables in concrete prior to cutting and coring. Performed in real time, requiring only single sided access, we can determine concrete thickness up to 400mm within 5 percent accuracy.

Services include:

  • Rebar Locating
  • Conduit Locating
  • Post-Tensioned Cable Locating
  1. we core drill – to confirm the type and size of reinforcing

IMG_010Multiple conduits are running within a concrete suspended slab. The radar scanner, although accurate, may not always be able to determine the bar diameter, therefore core drilling over the reinforcing is recommended. Seitech will find a safe place to core your holes.




  1. we sketch it – providing designers sketch plans to allow them to model and analyse the building

Seitech-194aRecord keeping for a large number of older concrete structures is poor with no record of steel reinforcing and structural arrangement. It is therefore critical that a detailed investigation is conducted. Seitech offers non-destructive methods that allow accurate identification of the type and location of steel reinforcing and concrete properties.





Capacity of some building elements is difficult to assess given the available engineering tools. Proof load testing of full scale building components provides a cost effective way to establish accurate data to be used in assessments and design. The tests eliminate redundancy and unnecessary assumptions and potentially allows for significant cost saving during implementation of the design. Seitech offers:

  1. shear mortar testing – purpose is to establish the mortar strength of the masonry bricks
  2. concrete testing – Core Samples and Schimdt Hammer – purpose is to determine the compressive strength of any age of concrete – f’c
  3. chloride penetration and carbonation testing – testing of concrete elements

WP_20131031_016 mortar testing 1  WP_20131031_001 mortar testing 2 WP_20131031_002 mortar testing 3